The Summer Edit: Skin care

Whether you’re stay-cationing or vacationing Summer brings with it a need for certain essentials and having just returned from the beautiful Deauville in Northern-France I thought now would be perfect time to share my absolute holiday favourites with you. Hopefully just in time for anyone about to make the most of the last few weeks in August.

Having enjoyed a sunshine break back in May, our August French break was more shopping and eating than sunbathing but I did get to have a few hours relaxing on the incredible beach there, honestly never seen such a long and wide stretch of sand before. It took ten minutes to walk the width of the beach in order to dip your toes in the sea! And with sunshine comes dried locks and sun kissed (red) skin… so in my first Summer essentials edit I wanted to share my absolute skin saviours, the makeup, the prep, the tan and all the gloss…

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The Sunday Edit: Style Inspo

After missing last week’s Sunday inspo edit (sorry) I wanted to make this weeks a double dosage of gorgeous style inspo. So having trawled Pinterest and stalked the most stylish ladies on Instagram here goes… I hope it helps inspire you for the week ahead.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy what you have. Cherish what you have. And work hard for what you’re soon to have.

Be the best version of you, be happy, healthy, have fun (and shake ya bum)…

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The Sunday Edit: Home

I had a special girlfriend over for dinner last night, I cooked a garlic and thyme roast chicken with my favourite salad – crispy chorizo, chopped red onion, mixed tomatoes and gallons of cider vinegar. We chatted about babies and Instagram, husbands and shopping,  politics and Netflix… and how addicted we are to our phones. It was then we realised we hadn’t looked at our phones once that evening – and it was lovely. People do say ‘home is where the wifi connects automatically’ but I am far too guilty of being on my phone too much when I am home and not switching off and relaxing properly. So this weekends Sunday inspo post is focused on relaxation. Lets all try and switch off a bit this week, and remember what it was like to have a few moments to ourselves, screen free with just our thoughts for company.

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The Sunday Edit: Here and Now

Writing this from sunnier climates I don’t have my usual Sunday evening dreads and it makes me ponder why I have them in the first place. It used to be work, going back to a deadline or a particularly mean client, or even the hangover induced dreads, then the ‘I am about to be left alone with the baby for a full week’ dreads… and recently a sort of sadness that another weekend is over, time is going too fast… and having children only makes you realise that more. How do they grow so fast?!

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The Friday Edit: A Woman’s Prerogative

Ok so I am very aware that after yesterdays wardrobe detox post I am now flaunting the opposite! Surely it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind or at least take her time in rolling out the changes to her shopping habits. And besides, this week’s shopping has been more about essentials than extras… apart from the shoes which I just fell in love with, and maybe the beautiful leather jacket. I think the wardrobe detox starts from May. I am determined to make it work and you can track my progress with these Friday updates.

As for this the last week of April 2016… here goes…

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