Small but Perfectly Formed

Taking my Instagram pictures from my bedroom today I spent a bit of time clearing out my wardrobe of some of my Summer pieces. Probably totally wrong when its looking like we have a heat wave on the horizon next week. But regardless, there are some pieces I’d happily wear on a beach but never in London. My wardrobe is tiny – and I mean teeny tiny. I’ve mentioned before on the blog about our bijou home here in London and just having enough space for the three of us and my shoe collection… but I absolutely love it. However… the wardrobe makes for hard work. Actually – I have to make it work hard for me. Always only having seasonal styles to hand, and as much as I’d love to hang everything for ease, most gets folded away in drawers for space. My shoes I keep in boxes, never quite got round to the polaroid thing but I did buy clear shoe boxes so I can take a peak in. So this Sundays inspiration post is a bit of an interiors feast…  with a shout out especially for anyone else with a small but perfectly formed home… loving in chaos… and of course – living in style.

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The Sunday Edit: FOMO

The past week I have really noticed my FOMO (fear of missing out for anyone as clueless as I usually am) has peaked. My friends, some with children, most without, out and about in town, in Ibiza, dancing on tables or prancing around at festivals without a care in the world. When you’re at home on Saturday night yet again its so easy to feel you’re missing out. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with my choices, knowing my baby is tucked up sleeping soundly as I tuck into another boxset with my Netflix husband is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when accompanied with a giant pizza and a plenty of good wine. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of just how lucky I am, and that I chose to be right here right now. And when I choose not to be those tables are just a babysitters call away from being danced on. But it’s not always simple, being able to enjoy the moment. Whether that moment is prancing around at a festival, skinny dipping in Ibiza, or in my pjs sat on the sofa finishing off the last of the Malteasers treat size bag (whoops). So this weeks Sunday inspo post is about the here and now. Living for the moment, whatever that moment is. And making the most of it. You don’t get it back. You can’t relive it. So make it worth living.

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The Sunday Edit: Style Inspo

After missing last week’s Sunday inspo edit (sorry) I wanted to make this weeks a double dosage of gorgeous style inspo. So having trawled Pinterest and stalked the most stylish ladies on Instagram here goes… I hope it helps inspire you for the week ahead.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy what you have. Cherish what you have. And work hard for what you’re soon to have.

Be the best version of you, be happy, healthy, have fun (and shake ya bum)…

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The Sunday Edit: Home

I had a special girlfriend over for dinner last night, I cooked a garlic and thyme roast chicken with my favourite salad – crispy chorizo, chopped red onion, mixed tomatoes and gallons of cider vinegar. We chatted about babies and Instagram, husbands and shopping,  politics and Netflix… and how addicted we are to our phones. It was then we realised we hadn’t looked at our phones once that evening – and it was lovely. People do say ‘home is where the wifi connects automatically’ but I am far too guilty of being on my phone too much when I am home and not switching off and relaxing properly. So this weekends Sunday inspo post is focused on relaxation. Lets all try and switch off a bit this week, and remember what it was like to have a few moments to ourselves, screen free with just our thoughts for company.

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The Wardrobe Edit: Detox

As my daughter approaches her second birthday I feel I have just about come to grips with my new body, accepting the inevitable changes (wider hips and a lovely round mum-tun) and doing what I can to keep healthy and in some kind of shape. But the same cannot be said for my wardrobe.

I am a crazy hoarder, I hate throwing anything away especially clothes. The past few months have seen me give away bags of clothes and shoes to local charity shops yet I still have a heaving wardrobe and you don’t even want to see what’s in the under-bed storage. Not pretty!

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The Sunday Edit: Easter Monday

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter weekend, I’d love to tell you mine was all happy families and indulgence and whilst I confirm there was most certainly ‘indulgence’ unfortunately there was far less of the ‘happy families’ as we are most definitely in tantrum stage. And I think after the amazing few days with my husband relaxing and having a few date nights my daughter was suffering with some form of separation anxiety. I am now more exhausted than before the break… so this is my attempt to rev myself up again ready for the week ahead. Give me some outfit ideas to inspire me in the morning, inspiration to exercise, look after myself and my family, eat healthily, call the people who make me happy, work hard and most importantly for me after these past ‘tantrum-hell’ days… laugh heavily.

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