The Sunday Edit: FOMO

The past week I have really noticed my FOMO (fear of missing out for anyone as clueless as I usually am) has peaked. My friends, some with children, most without, out and about in town, in Ibiza, dancing on tables or prancing around at festivals without a care in the world. When you’re at home on Saturday night yet again its so easy to feel you’re missing out. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with my choices, knowing my baby is tucked up sleeping soundly as I tuck into another boxset with my Netflix husband is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when accompanied with a giant pizza and a plenty of good wine. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of just how lucky I am, and that I chose to be right here right now. And when I choose not to be those tables are just a babysitters call away from being danced on. But it’s not always simple, being able to enjoy the moment. Whether that moment is prancing around at a festival, skinny dipping in Ibiza, or in my pjs sat on the sofa finishing off the last of the Malteasers treat size bag (whoops). So this weeks Sunday inspo post is about the here and now. Living for the moment, whatever that moment is. And making the most of it. You don’t get it back. You can’t relive it. So make it worth living.

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The Sunday Edit: ‘Just Do It’

Growing up part of the ‘Just Do It’ generation hasn’t been a bad thing, its driven us to get what we want, to work, to have fun, to love, to party, to go for it. But rarely to just do nothing.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram may have seen I recently posted some daily affirmation cards I have received from the The Yes Mum and today’s card read ‘You don’t have to do it all’. Rather timely as I fell through the door having stayed away with friends this weekend. A three hour drive with a two year demanding this that and everything. Bags needing unpacking, house a mess from rushing off early Saturday morning, washing stacked up, a strange smell lingering from last weeks mouldy blooms, a blog post to write, new curtains to hang (black-out and praying they work for Vivienne and those 5am wake-ups)… I just wanted to leave the ‘adulting’ behind and crash on the sofa.

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The Sunday Edit: Holiday Style

As we plough through July, August just a few weeks away we are well and truly into Summer holiday territory so I wanted to focus today’s Sunday Edit on some much needed sunshine inspo to get your style juices flowing ready for your own holiday. Whether you’re staycationing or heading to the tropics its the perfect excuse to have fun with your clothes and flash some skin whilst you’re at it… just remember to stay true to your personal style, be you… with a glimmer of sunlight…

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The Sunday Edit: Be Basic

I started after becoming a mum and finding myself slowly falling down a milk stained, tracksuit bottomed, elastic waistband, unhappy hole. I wanted to find a bit of the old me, and by documenting my outfits I forced myself to make an effort again. To take some pride in my appearance. That made me happy, and boy did I need it. It’s tough being a new mum, I’ve only had one baby so can only draw from my personal experience, but wow, your life is turned upside down!

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The Sunday Edit: Style Inspo

After missing last week’s Sunday inspo edit (sorry) I wanted to make this weeks a double dosage of gorgeous style inspo. So having trawled Pinterest and stalked the most stylish ladies on Instagram here goes… I hope it helps inspire you for the week ahead.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy what you have. Cherish what you have. And work hard for what you’re soon to have.

Be the best version of you, be happy, healthy, have fun (and shake ya bum)…

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Do What Makes You Happy.

I hope you’ve had a lovely bank holiday weekend no matter the weather. It’s certainly been a mixed bag here, finishing with today’s grey skies and chilly air. But wow, when it comes to bringing sunshine to my day – today’s response on Instagram has blown me away. I cannot thank you enough for all your kind words of encouragement and sweet comments. It means a lot to me.

So todays delayed bank holiday Sunday Edit is about keeping it real, staying true to yourself and having the confidence to do what makes you happy. People can be so quick to judge… when a mum decides to stay home after having children, when a mum goes back to work after having children, when you breastfeed, bottle feed, home-puree, ready-made jars, step-out in a tracksuit, spend an hour on your hair. It seems us mums can never do right. So why care then… lets make the decision that this week we will throw caution to the wind and actually do those things we have wanted to but have been too worried about what someone might think or even say.

Do what makes you happy!

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The Sunday Edit: That Holiday Feeling

As dreamily predicted last week I am indeed writing this from a sun lounger. Hoorah! We made it in one piece and the flight was actually pretty carefree. There was no screaming toddler running riot up and down the aisle, or crazy tantrums, it was (relatively) plain sailing and Vivienne actually found it to be exactly what it is…. a little adventure.

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