Small but Perfectly Formed

Taking my Instagram pictures from my bedroom today I spent a bit of time clearing out my wardrobe of some of my Summer pieces. Probably totally wrong when its looking like we have a heat wave on the horizon next week. But regardless, there are some pieces I’d happily wear on a beach but never in London. My wardrobe is tiny – and I mean teeny tiny. I’ve mentioned before on the blog about our bijou home here in London and just having enough space for the three of us and my shoe collection… but I absolutely love it. However… the wardrobe makes for hard work. Actually – I have to make it work hard for me. Always only having seasonal styles to hand, and as much as I’d love to hang everything for ease, most gets folded away in drawers for space. My shoes I keep in boxes, never quite got round to the polaroid thing but I did buy clear shoe boxes so I can take a peak in. So this Sundays inspiration post is a bit of an interiors feast…  with a shout out especially for anyone else with a small but perfectly formed home… loving in chaos… and of course – living in style.

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The Sunday Edit: Your Style Dose

This Sunday I wanted to take the inspo back to style… a nice big, healthy dose of style. The shops are brimming with new season collection right now, which can be a total minefield in the middle of August.. how do you know what you’ll want to wear come Winter?! Trust your gut, if you love it, buy it now before it goes. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it just because it’s a dead ringer for that designer version. Wear only what you find beautiful and you will feel beautiful wearing. Make your clothes work harder. That Summer slip will work perfectly over a long-sleeved breton with your trainers and a biker jacket. And the new Winter trousers you buy now – enjoy them straight away with a cami and sandals. Play with the trends and bend the rules. What is fashion without fun?

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The Summer Edit: Skin care

Whether you’re stay-cationing or vacationing Summer brings with it a need for certain essentials and having just returned from the beautiful Deauville in Northern-France I thought now would be perfect time to share my absolute holiday favourites with you. Hopefully just in time for anyone about to make the most of the last few weeks in August.

Having enjoyed a sunshine break back in May, our August French break was more shopping and eating than sunbathing but I did get to have a few hours relaxing on the incredible beach there, honestly never seen such a long and wide stretch of sand before. It took ten minutes to walk the width of the beach in order to dip your toes in the sea! And with sunshine comes dried locks and sun kissed (red) skin… so in my first Summer essentials edit I wanted to share my absolute skin saviours, the makeup, the prep, the tan and all the gloss…

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The Sunday Edit: FOMO

The past week I have really noticed my FOMO (fear of missing out for anyone as clueless as I usually am) has peaked. My friends, some with children, most without, out and about in town, in Ibiza, dancing on tables or prancing around at festivals without a care in the world. When you’re at home on Saturday night yet again its so easy to feel you’re missing out. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with my choices, knowing my baby is tucked up sleeping soundly as I tuck into another boxset with my Netflix husband is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when accompanied with a giant pizza and a plenty of good wine. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of just how lucky I am, and that I chose to be right here right now. And when I choose not to be those tables are just a babysitters call away from being danced on. But it’s not always simple, being able to enjoy the moment. Whether that moment is prancing around at a festival, skinny dipping in Ibiza, or in my pjs sat on the sofa finishing off the last of the Malteasers treat size bag (whoops). So this weeks Sunday inspo post is about the here and now. Living for the moment, whatever that moment is. And making the most of it. You don’t get it back. You can’t relive it. So make it worth living.

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The Shopping Edit: Chanello…

Ok the title might be a tad misleading, I haven’t gone and dropped a few thousand on Chanel… but I have spent a modest £8 on a pair of Chanel inspired shoes which I absolutely love and will have no guilt wearing to death over the next few months. They are by New Look, and are so easy to slide on and run out the door, as I am normally doing chasing a two year old on a scooter. I’m wearing mine with my Summer saviour the Levis denim mini, but will also be wearing with jeans. They are by no means exact look-a-likes they are just a nod to the trend and give an otherwise casual look a bit of a Chanel-luxe update. I am totally sold, and if I change my mind… for £8 you can’t really complain.

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The Sunday Edit: ‘Just Do It’

Growing up part of the ‘Just Do It’ generation hasn’t been a bad thing, its driven us to get what we want, to work, to have fun, to love, to party, to go for it. But rarely to just do nothing.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram may have seen I recently posted some daily affirmation cards I have received from the The Yes Mum and today’s card read ‘You don’t have to do it all’. Rather timely as I fell through the door having stayed away with friends this weekend. A three hour drive with a two year demanding this that and everything. Bags needing unpacking, house a mess from rushing off early Saturday morning, washing stacked up, a strange smell lingering from last weeks mouldy blooms, a blog post to write, new curtains to hang (black-out and praying they work for Vivienne and those 5am wake-ups)… I just wanted to leave the ‘adulting’ behind and crash on the sofa.

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The Shopping Edit: Summer Days

Here in London we have finally seen Summer arrive and what a relief. I can wear my favourite cut-offs without feeling like a loon. And this week I received a very exciting package from Dune London with these beautiful tan suede loafers inside. Totally in love with them,  soft, classic, and leg-extending. They’re from the new AW16 collection which is trickling into stores and online at the moment. These are the perfect Summer purchase, they’ll see you through the last of the Summer weather and will look great with jeans for Autumn and Winter.

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