The Friday Edit: Detoxing

Happy Friday!

So one week after my ‘detox post’ and I am pleased to say I am doing pretty well. I have had a major clear-out and sent bags and bags off to the charity shops. Hoping that ticks my ‘doing good’ box for the week. As for shopping… I haven’t bought a thing! Atleast not for myself. I have bought a tonne for the garden getting it Summer ready and then lots of little odds and ends for Mini V’s busy bag on the flight next weekend.

Not much fun for a Friday shopping post!

So… if I wasn’t detoxing… here is what I would have bought, hopefully I can live vicariously through you (torture)

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The Friday Edit: A Woman’s Prerogative

Ok so I am very aware that after yesterdays wardrobe detox post I am now flaunting the opposite! Surely it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind or at least take her time in rolling out the changes to her shopping habits. And besides, this week’s shopping has been more about essentials than extras… apart from the shoes which I just fell in love with, and maybe the beautiful leather jacket. I think the wardrobe detox starts from May. I am determined to make it work and you can track my progress with these Friday updates.

As for this the last week of April 2016… here goes…

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The Highstreet Edit: H&M discount

Good morning… and it really is a good morning today, the sun is shining and mini V is well and tearing around like a mini tornado again.

With the sunshine comes Summer dressing or Summer dress dreaming as it’s still SO cold! H&M is winning the style stakes right now and it seems they are constantly discounting too. Every time I go in there they give me a 20% off voucher and the discount emails come through every week. Right now they have the below discounts on offer online…

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The Friday Edit: Dressing for the Weather

Another Friday and another fuzzy head… (totally blame my husband for this one, the sambuca shots after our civilised meal were not needed). Luckily my daughter is with her grandparents and I can take it easy… until this evening.

So this week has been all over the place weather wise, and a nightmare to dress for. Sunshine and heat quickly turns into rain and chills… boots vs pumps, coat vs jacket, carry around a brolly or risk a lions mane?! So this week I wanted to add a couple of pieces to make the transition a little easier. A lightweight jacket, a hat and a spring scarf.

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The Tried & Tested Edit: Vestiaire Collective

Now that I have my very own platform to talk about whatever I like I want to use it to let you know about things I have tried and tested… and the first in my tried & tested series is Vestiaire Collective.

I am sure most of you have heard of it by now but for anyone that hasn’t here is the link… and in short it is an online marketplace to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. Unlike other sites such as eBay and Gumtree for example – Vestiaire Collective has a team of in-house experts that authenticate and quality check every item after it’s sold and before it reaches you to ensure you are getting the real-deal.

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The Wardrobe Edit: Grandad Cardigan

Anyone else wondering how it is already April?! Shame the weather hasn’t quite realised yet, so unpredictable and not easy to dress for at all. This is when the humble cardigan really comes into its own… long or short, chunky or fine, cashmere or cotton it can be a wardrobe god-send for Spring dressing.

These ladies certainly know to style a cardi… take a look and if you’re sold I have included my favourites on the highstreet just below.

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The Shopping Edit: Love Always

Happy Friday ladies… what a difference a four day week makes, and what a difference this (intermittent) sunshine makes. So time for my weekly confession and this Friday it includes some new SS16 pieces and some sale buys – so be quick if you want to nab them before they sell out. I have also included an eBay purchase here which took a little bit of time to track down due to some of the crazy prices people sell on highstreet pieces for!

So here goes…

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The Sunday Edit: Easter Monday

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter weekend, I’d love to tell you mine was all happy families and indulgence and whilst I confirm there was most certainly ‘indulgence’ unfortunately there was far less of the ‘happy families’ as we are most definitely in tantrum stage. And I think after the amazing few days with my husband relaxing and having a few date nights my daughter was suffering with some form of separation anxiety. I am now more exhausted than before the break… so this is my attempt to rev myself up again ready for the week ahead. Give me some outfit ideas to inspire me in the morning, inspiration to exercise, look after myself and my family, eat healthily, call the people who make me happy, work hard and most importantly for me after these past ‘tantrum-hell’ days… laugh heavily.

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The Wardrobe Edit: Spring Scarves

Being the lover of all things Summer that I confess to be, I get very excited at the first signs of Spring. It takes all my strength not to pack away the Winter wardrobe and head into the chill in my Summer sandals. So I am always looking for a way to wear my Summer wardrobe with a few extra layers and this is where a lightweight cashmere cardigan, a brimmed hat and the humble scarf become my daily go-to pieces.

Worn wrapped, loose, floating, billowing or in a nice neat, warm tuck – a scarf can add interest to the most simple of outfits. It can dress down a smart look, give a rock n roll edge to a simple ensemble and of course it can give you that added layer of warmth you still need in these Spring months.

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The Sunday Edit: Not Just A Mum

Since having my daughter almost two years ago now, being a mum is something that’s often discussed with my other mum friends. Whether being a ‘just a mum’ is enough… and when actually it’s just not enough and you need more. Then there is why so many of us don’t want to admit to it.

There should be no guilt in wanting more yet we all feel it.  We all beat ourselves up for it. The endless cycle of guilt that starts from the moment your first is born and lasts a lifetime. Just because you are a mum it doesn’t mean you can’t still be glamorous and do the things you used to enjoy so much. Why shouldn’t you enjoy some me-time locked away in the bathroom with the latest glossy mag and a bath full of salts that were far too expensive than you like to admit….

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