The Shopping Edit: Friday Confessional

Happy Friday ladies!

Another week another confession…

So this week mini V has had her Summer wardrobe updated in preparation for our little family holiday next month. The Zara Artisan collection, and H&M came up trumps, such beautiful designs at great prices. Then a quick trip to Sainsburys yesterday saw her bag a few more Summer accessories from TU, including a super cute wide-brim straw hat she insisted on wearing the entire supermarket trip.

As for me, I kept it basic and Summer-ready…

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The Shopping Edit: Love Always

Happy Friday ladies… what a difference a four day week makes, and what a difference this (intermittent) sunshine makes. So time for my weekly confession and this Friday it includes some new SS16 pieces and some sale buys – so be quick if you want to nab them before they sell out. I have also included an eBay purchase here which took a little bit of time to track down due to some of the crazy prices people sell on highstreet pieces for!

So here goes…

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The Shopping Edit: Summer Time

It’s the weekend again hoorah! And this week I made a purchase which I never feel guilty about… we booked a holiday. I am crazy excited about it as it seems like the entire Instagram nation has been lounging on a beach the past few months as I have been wrapped up in multiple layers with nothing but my trusty bottle of fake tan to give me that Summer sun feel…

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The Wardrobe Edit: Bomber Jackets

I didn’t think I was a bomber kinda girl but last night I caved and ordered one online… I have tried on several over the past few months, embroidered, nineties style, black, khaki, satin, pink… but kept handing them back to the assistants and walking away … but pondering them still as I left.

Like most of my bad shopping habits I blame Instagram! They just look so great on everyone else the urge to grab some of that nineties nonchalance is too much.

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The Shopping Edit: Updating My Basics

This week I have kept it pretty simple by updating my wardrobe basics. Anyone that follows my Instagram will know a week cannot pass without me wearing a breton stripe, so I introduced two new striped tops this week, a Summer t-shirt and a long sleeved version but with an interesting neck detail. The t-shirt isn’t online, its H&M but I’ll snap it next week and share it on IG.

I have included the long sleeved purchase details below as well as a couple of other buys I managed to sneak in….

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The Style Edit: Back to Basic

‘With good basics you’ll have endless options…’

Like anything in life if you have solid foundations you’re set for success. From season to season, whether you have £20, £200 or £2000 to splurge, by already having your basics nailed you can just layer on the trend pieces or simply the pieces that you fall in love with that season, and you’re good to go. But as simple as it sounds, getting the basics right isn’t easy.

So as I attempt to nail them myself I wanted to share my shopping journey and if it can help anyone else – fabulous.

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The Shopping Edit: Gold & Leopard

This week I finally purchased one of my dream beauty buys – the Mason Pearson hairbrush. It has literally been on the ‘Christmas List’ for years, and this year my dear mother decided to gift me some money so I could buy one myself. I think she felt it was far too much to spend on a brush so couldn’t quite do it herself, she made some excuse and handed over the cash…. and yes it is very expensive for a hairbrush… do I think its worth it? Hard to tell really. It does make brushing your hair feel like such a luxury though. And I have a lot of hair so I have to brush it regularly. It also looks very pretty on the dressing table. I went for nylon and natural bristle, the website has a clever little tool that lets you put all your hair details in and then up pops their recommendations. I also went for the largest, far quicker brush-time with this mane.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.41Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.50

If you buy one online here they are offering 25% off until Monday!

Mason Pearson hairbrush

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.08

Second on (what I am now calling) the list of guilt… a very reasonable H&M cardigan. This is from the H&M basic collection and cost £14.99. Anyone that has read past posts and followed my IG will know I am obsessed with leopard print so when I spotted this simple cardigan on route to the changing room I had to make a quick pit-stop and grab my size. I am afraid I have searched online and they don’t have it but if you head to the Basic range in your closest store hopefully it will be in stock. I have also included an alternative here that is gorgeous and this amazing cardigan I didn’t even see in store but am now coveting!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.35Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.48

So I left everything else in the changing room and came home with just this feeling smug that I hadn’t spent too much money.


My husband and I had discussed Valentines and to be honest we don’t really buy into it, I think after Christmas and then my birthday is in January, February we are done with gifts and trying to keep those purse strings closed. But after a bit of a rough few months health wise in our family he thought I deserved a treat and within seconds (of course) I knew what I wanted… a simple gold bangle. And today I found the perfect one! In a little local jewellers. It is beautiful and I will make sure I post it on IG next week… if I am allowed to wear it pre-Valentines…eeek.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.16

And there it is… the list of guilt.

Did you buy anything new this week? Any finds you want to share?

Thank you for reading…




The Shopping Edit: Racey Lacey

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of blogging this week, I have a tux post on its way! But for now in true Friday fashion here are my buys of the week and its been a racey lacey week.

I treated myself to this gorgeous green lace dress from Hennes, I just love the soft lace sleeves paired with the high neckline, a little Victoriana style. It looks great with bare legs and my Chloe ankle boots – shame its so damn freezing though!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.35.37H&M lace dress

I also picked this beauty up from a new find of mine – God Save Queens. Such stunning lingerie. Its so delicate and looks super cute popping out from a t-shirt. Not the most supportive though so I won’t be wearing it everyday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.35.10God Save Queens bra

And finally – I always use Laura Mercier hand cream in the amber vanille but in this cold it just hasn’t been cutting the mustard so my own mum recommended the OPI Avoplex hand cream which has since been working a treat. I also need to invest in a pair of gloves!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.34.32OPI hand cream

And that’s my lot this week. Have you bought anything fabulous? Any top tips you can share?