Sunrise to Sunset… in a little black dress

If you only buy one thing this season then you will need it to work hard for you and I am championing the little black dress. Choose it boxy, easy to wear and with delicate thin straps. This little number will take you from sunrise to sunset without a moments hesitation. Pair with loafers, biker boots or trainers for day, and slip a breton or little t-shirt underneath for true nineties nostalgia. For sunset go without anything underneath… fancy adding some glamour – throw on a pair of heels and you have a simple chic cocktail dress.

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The Sunday Edit: Your Style Dose

This Sunday I wanted to take the inspo back to style… a nice big, healthy dose of style. The shops are brimming with new season collection right now, which can be a total minefield in the middle of August.. how do you know what you’ll want to wear come Winter?! Trust your gut, if you love it, buy it now before it goes. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it just because it’s a dead ringer for that designer version. Wear only what you find beautiful and you will feel beautiful wearing. Make your clothes work harder. That Summer slip will work perfectly over a long-sleeved breton with your trainers and a biker jacket. And the new Winter trousers you buy now – enjoy them straight away with a cami and sandals. Play with the trends and bend the rules. What is fashion without fun?

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The Shopping Edit: Summer Knit

Ok so maybe Summer is starting to show its face here in London but I know elsewhere its still a little shy so this weeks purchase could be the perfect antidote. A Summer dress, that’s also a knit. It has that Summery look and feel but it will also keep you warm enough on those twelve degree days. reminds me of those cellular blankets I would wrap Vivienne up in as a baby. Its warm when you need it to be and cool when you don’t. Being white it might not be the most practical around children but life is for taking risks right? And it looks fab with a tan…

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The Wedding Edit: 10 dos and don’ts of wedding dressing

As we head into June we are well and truly into wedding season, and one of my most asked for posts is about wedding guest attire. It can be tricky dressing for a wedding, especially if you’re not really a heels and dress kinda girl. So my advice – the same advice I give to holiday dressing, just be yourself.

If you would normally wear minimalist then don’t go all out on a floral maxi, choose a chic trouser suit and pair it with a simple pair of heels and an elegant clutch. Normally at home in jeans and a t-shirt? Then take the same silhouette and glam it up with a comfortable and stylishly-simple jumpsuit. Wear only what you would normally wear but with a little wedding twist.

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The Friday Edit: A Woman’s Prerogative

Ok so I am very aware that after yesterdays wardrobe detox post I am now flaunting the opposite! Surely it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind or at least take her time in rolling out the changes to her shopping habits. And besides, this week’s shopping has been more about essentials than extras… apart from the shoes which I just fell in love with, and maybe the beautiful leather jacket. I think the wardrobe detox starts from May. I am determined to make it work and you can track my progress with these Friday updates.

As for this the last week of April 2016… here goes…

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The Wardrobe Edit: Detox

As my daughter approaches her second birthday I feel I have just about come to grips with my new body, accepting the inevitable changes (wider hips and a lovely round mum-tun) and doing what I can to keep healthy and in some kind of shape. But the same cannot be said for my wardrobe.

I am a crazy hoarder, I hate throwing anything away especially clothes. The past few months have seen me give away bags of clothes and shoes to local charity shops yet I still have a heaving wardrobe and you don’t even want to see what’s in the under-bed storage. Not pretty!

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The Tried & Tested Edit: Vestiaire Collective

Now that I have my very own platform to talk about whatever I like I want to use it to let you know about things I have tried and tested… and the first in my tried & tested series is Vestiaire Collective.

I am sure most of you have heard of it by now but for anyone that hasn’t here is the link… and in short it is an online marketplace to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. Unlike other sites such as eBay and Gumtree for example – Vestiaire Collective has a team of in-house experts that authenticate and quality check every item after it’s sold and before it reaches you to ensure you are getting the real-deal.

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The Wardrobe Edit: Grandad Cardigan

Anyone else wondering how it is already April?! Shame the weather hasn’t quite realised yet, so unpredictable and not easy to dress for at all. This is when the humble cardigan really comes into its own… long or short, chunky or fine, cashmere or cotton it can be a wardrobe god-send for Spring dressing.

These ladies certainly know to style a cardi… take a look and if you’re sold I have included my favourites on the highstreet just below.

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