Sunrise to Sunset… in a little black dress

If you only buy one thing this season then you will need it to work hard for you and I am championing the little black dress. Choose it boxy, easy to wear and with delicate thin straps. This little number will take you from sunrise to sunset without a moments hesitation. Pair with loafers, biker boots or trainers for day, and slip a breton or little t-shirt underneath for true nineties nostalgia. For sunset go without anything underneath… fancy adding some glamour – throw on a pair of heels and you have a simple chic cocktail dress.

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Playing it Down

On a Friday I would usually write what I’ve been calling my ‘weekly confession’, but as the blog has evolved I have started sharing my purchases on the blog shop that day – hopefully making it much easier for you to shop my favourites at any time rather than that particular week. But this does leave me with a bit of a gaping hole in my blogging schedule…

So this Friday I thought I would take a look back at the week, and see what you’ve liked the most… the Zara leopard skirt.

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The Sunday Edit: Holiday Style

As we plough through July, August just a few weeks away we are well and truly into Summer holiday territory so I wanted to focus today’s Sunday Edit on some much needed sunshine inspo to get your style juices flowing ready for your own holiday. Whether you’re staycationing or heading to the tropics its the perfect excuse to have fun with your clothes and flash some skin whilst you’re at it… just remember to stay true to your personal style, be you… with a glimmer of sunlight…

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The Shopping Edit: Summer Knit

Ok so maybe Summer is starting to show its face here in London but I know elsewhere its still a little shy so this weeks purchase could be the perfect antidote. A Summer dress, that’s also a knit. It has that Summery look and feel but it will also keep you warm enough on those twelve degree days. reminds me of those cellular blankets I would wrap Vivienne up in as a baby. Its warm when you need it to be and cool when you don’t. Being white it might not be the most practical around children but life is for taking risks right? And it looks fab with a tan…

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The Covet Edit: Reformation

You know those emails you get through from brands updating you on their latest collections… most get deleted but every now and then one catches your eye and you want to buy EVERYTHING! That’s what happened with Reformation. If you don’t know already get ready to want everything too!

They’re a relatively new company (2009) and are based in LA. This is where they do most of their production. Their focus is on sustainable fashion. And the designs are GORGEOUS!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking… can you guess whats on my wish list?

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The Sunday Edit: Style Inspo

After missing last week’s Sunday inspo edit (sorry) I wanted to make this weeks a double dosage of gorgeous style inspo. So having trawled Pinterest and stalked the most stylish ladies on Instagram here goes… I hope it helps inspire you for the week ahead.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy what you have. Cherish what you have. And work hard for what you’re soon to have.

Be the best version of you, be happy, healthy, have fun (and shake ya bum)…

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The Sunday Edit: That Holiday Feeling

As dreamily predicted last week I am indeed writing this from a sun lounger. Hoorah! We made it in one piece and the flight was actually pretty carefree. There was no screaming toddler running riot up and down the aisle, or crazy tantrums, it was (relatively) plain sailing and Vivienne actually found it to be exactly what it is…. a little adventure.

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The Sunday Edit: Here Comes Sunshine

Can you feel how close we are to Summer… waking up to sunshine instantly puts me in a great mood. Nothing beats that warm feeling of the first rays of the day beating down on your face and making you feel, if only for a second, that you could just maybe be on a caribbean island. Then you pull the zipper up on your parka and shudder as you walk into a shady spot and the illusion is shattered… but we are on our way that’s for sure.

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The Sunday Edit: Easter Monday

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter weekend, I’d love to tell you mine was all happy families and indulgence and whilst I confirm there was most certainly ‘indulgence’ unfortunately there was far less of the ‘happy families’ as we are most definitely in tantrum stage. And I think after the amazing few days with my husband relaxing and having a few date nights my daughter was suffering with some form of separation anxiety. I am now more exhausted than before the break… so this is my attempt to rev myself up again ready for the week ahead. Give me some outfit ideas to inspire me in the morning, inspiration to exercise, look after myself and my family, eat healthily, call the people who make me happy, work hard and most importantly for me after these past ‘tantrum-hell’ days… laugh heavily.

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