The Sunday Edit: Be Basic

I started after becoming a mum and finding myself slowly falling down a milk stained, tracksuit bottomed, elastic waistband, unhappy hole. I wanted to find a bit of the old me, and by documenting my outfits I forced myself to make an effort again. To take some pride in my appearance. That made me happy, and boy did I need it. It’s tough being a new mum, I’ve only had one baby so can only draw from my personal experience, but wow, your life is turned upside down!

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The Sunday Edit: Style Inspo

After missing last week’s Sunday inspo edit (sorry) I wanted to make this weeks a double dosage of gorgeous style inspo. So having trawled Pinterest and stalked the most stylish ladies on Instagram here goes… I hope it helps inspire you for the week ahead.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy what you have. Cherish what you have. And work hard for what you’re soon to have.

Be the best version of you, be happy, healthy, have fun (and shake ya bum)…

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The Sunday Edit: Taking A Risk

When was the last time you did something new? Something you have never done before and scared you? If you’re a new mum probably every day but for most of us, not very often at all. It’s so easy to fall into a routine… the same thing day after day, week after week. The same food, clothes, hair style, outings, activities, music, TV shows. There’s certainly nothing wrong with routine, it’s what you know and like, and it’s very comforting, but this week I am challenging myself to do something new everyday. Some simple changes, but atleast one thing that makes me nervous… because the feeling you get when you realise you can do it is even better than the feeling of a good routine. The adrenaline rush of taking a risk… big or small. Whether its walking into that new playgroup not knowing anyone, finally saying hi to that other mum whose shoes you always admire, signing up for that charity run, trying a spin class (it was fab last week, so glad I went), giving that presentation at work, or just experimenting with a bright red lip!

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The Sunday Edit: Weekly Inspo

Another weekend gone in a flash, it seems like the older I get the quicker life seems to go by… doesn’t stop the Sunday dreads though so here’s my weekly inspiration post to help me and hopefully you feel revved up to make this week a good one. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, mum to small babies, working mum, mum to teens, mum to a mum or mum to be, we are all a boss of something… we are all doing a great job… we just sometimes need to be reminded of that. And reminded to look after ourselves as well as our families.

This week I am setting myself three simple goals:

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