Playing it Down

On a Friday I would usually write what I’ve been calling my ‘weekly confession’, but as the blog has evolved I have started sharing my purchases on the blog shop that day – hopefully making it much easier for you to shop my favourites at any time rather than that particular week. But this does leave me with a bit of a gaping hole in my blogging schedule…

So this Friday I thought I would take a look back at the week, and see what you’ve liked the most… the Zara leopard skirt.

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The Sunday Edit: Summer Style

This weekends warm sunshine filled days certainly came as a bit of a shock to my wardrobe and I wasn’t quite as quick to get myself dressed in the morning. Definitely out of practice in the art of Summer style.

So this Sunday’s inspiration post is all about dressing for a Summers day. Cut offs,  gold details, open shirts, spaghetti string vests and messy top knots. Getting your Summer mum-uniform in check.

Hope it inspires… and if you want more check my S/S Edit on Pinterest – AMothersEdit.

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The Sunday Edit: Weekly Inspo

Another weekend gone in a flash, it seems like the older I get the quicker life seems to go by… doesn’t stop the Sunday dreads though so here’s my weekly inspiration post to help me and hopefully you feel revved up to make this week a good one. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, mum to small babies, working mum, mum to teens, mum to a mum or mum to be, we are all a boss of something… we are all doing a great job… we just sometimes need to be reminded of that. And reminded to look after ourselves as well as our families.

This week I am setting myself three simple goals:

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The Shopping Edit: Summer Time

It’s the weekend again hoorah! And this week I made a purchase which I never feel guilty about… we booked a holiday. I am crazy excited about it as it seems like the entire Instagram nation has been lounging on a beach the past few months as I have been wrapped up in multiple layers with nothing but my trusty bottle of fake tan to give me that Summer sun feel…

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The Wardrobe Edit: Bomber Jackets

I didn’t think I was a bomber kinda girl but last night I caved and ordered one online… I have tried on several over the past few months, embroidered, nineties style, black, khaki, satin, pink… but kept handing them back to the assistants and walking away … but pondering them still as I left.

Like most of my bad shopping habits I blame Instagram! They just look so great on everyone else the urge to grab some of that nineties nonchalance is too much.

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The Shopping Edit: Updating My Basics

This week I have kept it pretty simple by updating my wardrobe basics. Anyone that follows my Instagram will know a week cannot pass without me wearing a breton stripe, so I introduced two new striped tops this week, a Summer t-shirt and a long sleeved version but with an interesting neck detail. The t-shirt isn’t online, its H&M but I’ll snap it next week and share it on IG.

I have included the long sleeved purchase details below as well as a couple of other buys I managed to sneak in….

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